Tuesday, 22 May 2018

World Cup Football Quiz- Series 2

Welcome back to 2018 World cup Football blog. Most of our readers like the World cup football Quiz-series 1 post. Again it's time to test and improve your knowledge about the World Cup Today
again we have collected some interesting questions and answers related to World Cup Football.

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Q1. What country were the winners of Group 1 at the 1930 World Cup?
Ans: Argentina. They also topped the group with a 100% record.

Q2. Who was the top scorer in the 1930 World Cup?
Ans: Stabile. He scored 8 goals.

Q3. What was the final score in the 1930 World Cup Final?
Ans: Uruguay 4 - Argentina 2

Q4. Which country had the honour of hosting the 1934 World Cup?
Ans: Italy

Q5. 1934 saw the first African country compete in a World Cup. What country was this?
Ans: Egypt

Q6. What was the score between Brazil and Italy in the 1970 Final?
Ans: Brazil 4-1 Italy

Q7. Which country made the 1974 and 1978 World Cup Final?
Ans: Netherlands. Holland were runners up in both Finals.

Q8. Argentina won the 1986 Final beating Germany 3-2. How many goals did Diego Maradona score?
Ans: Zero. Maradona didn't score and has never scored in a World Cup Final.

Q9. The 1990 Final was a repeat of the 1986 Final, with Germany winning 1-0 this time. Who was their winning coach?
Ans: Franz Beckenbauer

Q10. The 1998 Final was a shocker with a new country winning it for the first time, beating Brazil 3-0. Who was that country?
Ans: France. They beat Brazil 3-0 with Zidane scoring twice, and the third goal from Petit.

Q11. Brazil won the 2002 Final by beating Germany 2-0, giving them how many World Cups total?
Ans: 5.

Q12. What was the score in the opening match of France '98 between Brazil and Scotland?
Ans: 2-1

Q13. Who scored the first-ever goal in World Cup history in the match between France and Mexico?
Ans: Lucien Laurent

Q14. Who did Italy beat to reach the final of the 1982 World Cup?
Ans: Poland

Q15. Who was the golden boot winner from 2002 World Cup by scoring 8 goals?
Ans: Luis Ronaldo

Q16. Who was the runner-up in the 1958 World Cup, eventually losing to Brazil 5-2 in the final?
Ans: Sweden. This was Brazil's first World Cup win.

Q17. The 1986 World Cup quarterfinal between Brazil and France was decided on a penalty shootout after the match ended 1-1. Who scored the goals in regulation time?
Ans: Careca, Platini


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