Saturday, 12 May 2018

FIFA World Cup Football Quiz - Series 1

Welcome back. Today we have collected some interesting questions and answers related to World Cup Football. Just go through our FIFA World Cup Football quiz and test your football knowledge.

We collected these questions from various sources and really tried hard to make it interesting. Hope all our readers will like the all new World Cup Football Quiz.

1. When and where the 1st world cup football held?
Ans: It was held in Uruguay in 1930.

2. Which Country will host the 2018 world cup football?
Ans: Russia.

3. Which countries have won the world cup football?
Ans: Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, England, Spain, France, Germany and Italy.

4. What is the World cup football 2014 mascot?
Ans: Fuleco

5. Which country was banned by FIFA for 2018 world cup football?
Ans: Myanmar.

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6. Which company makes the world cup football?
Ans: Adidas

7. Who was tallest world cup football player?
Ans: Peter Crouch

8. Which was the first country to host the World Cup football twice?
Ans: Mexico was the first country to host the FIFA World Cup twice. They hosted the world cup in 1970 and 1986.

9. What Did Teams Use For The First Time At The World Cup In Mexico In 1970?
Ans: Substitutes.

10. Which Was The First African Nation To Play In The Final Stages
Ans: Egypt in 1934.

11. Which Was The First Team To Be Eliminated From A World Cup Without Losing A Match?
Ans: Scotland in 1974

12. Which Team Has Won The Football World Cup More Than Any Other In The 20th Century?
Ans: Brazil.

13. Before FIFA Renamed It To The “Fifa World Cup” In 1974 What Was It Previously Called?
Ans: The Jules Rimet Cup.

14. At The First World Cup in 1930, Only 4 European Teams Took Part. France, Belgium & Yugoslavia were Three Of Them. Who Was The Fourth?
Ans: Romania.

15. In The World Of Football How Is Edson Arantes do Nascimento More Commonly Known?
Ans: Pele.

16. England Won The 1966 World Cup By Beating Germany 4-2 Geoff Hurst Scored 3 Of England’s Goals Who Scored The 4th?
Ans: Martin Peters.

17. Which Is The Only Country To Have Played In Every World Cup Since It Started In 1930?
Ans: Brazil.

18. Who Scored The First 'Golden Goal' In World Cup History At The 1998 World Cup Held  In France?
Ans: Laurent Blanc

19. In Which Country Will You Find The Headquarters Of The World Cup Organisers FIFA?
Ans: Switzerland, Zurich

20. Who Did Brazil Beat In The World Cup Final When They First Won The Tournament Back In 1958?
Ans: Sweden.


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